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  • 12 Thoughtful Reminders For A Happy And Healthy Christmas With Your Pet

    12 Thoughtful Reminders For A Happy And Healthy Christmas With Your Pet

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Thoughtful Pet Food Store. This festive season we’ve put together Twelve Thoughtful Reminders to help make this Christmas a happy and safe occasion for you and your pets.


    Christmas can be enjoyable for everyone, so be sure to treat your pets as well as yourself.

    Your pets will love receiving a new toy or some high-quality treats on Christmas Day, and it will help keep them distracted while you are unwrapping your presents and enjoying your Christmas dinner. As well as this, cats and dogs have both been documented to have deeper emotions than previously thought. Cats are aware of and can interpret human emotions, especially those of their owners. Dogs, meanwhile, are able to understand and express emotions such as jealousy and joy.

    Therefore, it can be assumed that both dogs and cats will benefit from some extra attention, gifts, and treats this Christmas. 


    When decorating your home and Christmas tree, be sure not to place ornaments that may be dangerous to your pets where your pets can get to them, especially if your dog or cat has a mischievous side!

    Glass ornaments may break if knocked over or played with and can be very dangerous if pets tread on them or ingest them, and some ornaments can be sharp or toxic if chewed. If you have ornaments that might be harmful to your pets ensure that they are placed out of your pets reach. 


    If possible, do not leave your pet alone with the Christmas tree.

    Cats can be easily attracted to the tinsel and flashing lights and may attempt to climb the tree. Whilst this might sound like fun for your cat this can result in the tree falling over, or the cat getting tangled in the decorations and potentially hurting themselves. Dogs can also be at risk as they may accidentally knock the tree over while investigating it. If you have a real tree be aware that pine needles are sharp and can harm pets if the needles are stepped on or ingested.

    Christmas lights and electrical cables can also be very tempting for pets, especially cats and puppies. Therefore, it is best to ensure cables are placed out of the way where possible to help stop pets getting tangled or hurt. This should also help prevent electric shocks that can be caused by your pet chewing the wires. Remember to never leave your pet alone with Christmas lights that are turned on.


    There’s nothing wrong with giving your pet a special Christmas dinner on Christmas day and most pets appreciate it. A little bit of turkey might be fine, but ensure you keep your pet away from gravy and other unsuitable foods. If you’re not sure what to give your pet, why not check out some of pet-friendly Christmas products?, or as an extra special treat a tin of Rockster Birds of Feather


    It is best not to leave presents containing food under the Christmas tree, or any presents that may be tempting for your pet to investigate. Your pet might take it upon themselves to open the present, and most Christmas foods are not safe for your pets to eat. Be sure to read our article on unsafe foods for your pets this season, “Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Season“. 


    On Christmas Day, make sure there aren’t any small parts of toys or board games left lying around. These can easily be picked up and ingested by curious pets and can cause a lot of damage in the intestinal tract. Batteries are another common Christmas item to be aware of, as these are extremely toxic if swallowed.


    If you are hosting parties at your house, or are having guests over, it may not be best to leave your dog unattended with people the dog may consider strangers, especially children. Children can be loud and excitable at Christmas, and this can be unnerving for a dog.

    Even a friendly dog, when stressed, can react negatively to the extra attention of people they aren’t comfortable around. This can be applied to cats as well, and some cats may be more likely to scratch if pestered. Be sure to provide a safe place for your pet to escape to where people aren’t allowed. This can be a crate or cat carrier with a blanket over the top and their favourite toys inside, or something as simple as a room with their bed, food, and water in it.


    As busy as you can be at this time of year, it is important to keep to your pet’s routines as much as possible. If your dog or cat is fed at set times, continue to feed them at the same time throughout the day as you would any other time of the year, and be careful not to introduce too many new treats into their diet, as it might upset their tummy. 


    Be aware of grit or rock salt when walking your dog on pavements or roads. Although it is helpful for our vehicles, for your dog it can irritate their paws and cause cracks and sores. After walking your dog be sure to wash their legs ands paws to prevent irritation and accidental ingestion through self grooming. 


    Watch out for antifreeze based products. At this time of year, more people are using de-icers on their cars, and this liquid can accumulate on driveways and car parks.

    Antifreeze has a sweet taste that can attract dogs and cats, but it is highly toxic and even small amounts can do serious harm to your pet and can even be fatal. Do not let your dog drink from puddles on walks, especially where cars have been present, and as with rock salt, always wash your dog’s paws after a walk. 


    Some of us certainly feel the cold at this time of year, and so can your pets. If your dog has a short or thin coat, is elderly or sick, it may be helpful to purchase a suitable dog coat for them.

    Be aware of how much time your pet spends outside, especially in the case of older dogs and pets with joint conditions. If you have an outdoor cat and are worried about them getting too cold, you can lock their cat flap at night to limit the amount of time they spend outside, or simply encourage them to spend more time inside with toys and interactive games


    Take the Christmas break as an opportunity to take long and enjoyable walks with your dog. It’s great fun for you and your four-legged friends!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

    From, The Thoughtful Pet Food Store Team