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  • A New Year’s Update

    A New Year’s Update

    It might be presumptuous, but we’d like to wish our customers and supporters a happy 2021! 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year for us, so we figured an update was in order so we can talk about what we’ve been through, as well as what we have planned for the future.


    In March 2020, the combination of our first lockdown, panic buying, and large retailers struggling to meet demand put a great deal of pressure on us as a small business. As the supermarkets and chain pet stores were left with empty shelves, more people had to source their pets’ food online.

    We saw an influx of new customers and our orders suddenly went through the roof! While this was fantastic news for us (every sale is cherished) the sudden increase in workload meant we had to adapt quickly and efficiently.

    For those who don’t know, The Thoughtful Pet Food Store really is little. Most days, it’s just me running everything, from sitting in the office answering emails, to packing parcels in the warehouse and liaising with our courier. I am lucky to have a team of wonderful volunteers, all made up of friends and family. They are such a blessing when things get a bit crazy or I just need that extra hand to help get things done quicker.

    With COVID, I decided to stop my volunteers from coming to help me! To ensure The Thoughtful Pet Food Store could keep running throughout lockdown, I wanted as few people as possible to have access to our warehouse. This would help me ensure it was a COVID free environment, as it meant I would just have to monitor and manage my own health without worrying about anyone else’s.

    So, I have essentially spent this past year working alone, but it’s been worth it to help keep our customers safe, and to help keep our business going!

    Throughout 2020, our business has been steady enough to allow us to survive. We are so grateful to every customer who ordered from us throughout 2020, as it is thanks to you all that we are entering 2021 still in once piece. So many businesses have suffered or gone under as a result of the added pressure and challenges of COVID, so I can truly appreciate how lucky we are.

    A special thank you as well to the customers who’ve checked in with us! I honestly cried a couple of times when I received such lovely emails from regular customers, not only wanting to see if we were still open but also checking up on our health and wellbeing.

    So… 2021?

    As we enter 20201, there is still so much uncertainty as to how things are going to change. As a business, we are going to keep on functioning as we have been throughout lockdown and hope there is minimal disruption to our services.

    We are always thinking ahead and planning new ideas for The Thoughtful Pet Food Store, and this year is no exception. In fact, spending so much more time at home has just given me more time to brainstorm and imagine!

    Here’s some things you can expect to see from us this year:

    • An exciting new YouTube channel where we’ll do product reviews and more.
    • New pages and content on the website (more blog posts and articles, as well as some other surprises).
    • More eco-friendly brands and products to fit in with our new and improved ethos.
    • Improved social media engagement. We want to set aside more time to interact with our customers and supporters. Plus more photos and insight into what we’re getting up to, and more competitions and goodies!
    • And maybe more…!

    We are always open to recommendations and ideas from our customers, so if you think there is something we can do to improve, or even if there is a particular brand you think would fit in well in our store, do let us know!

    Have a great 2021, and fingers crossed it’s a better year!

    Sally @ The Thoughtful Pet Food Store