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    The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was started by Michael and Caroline Bible – with help from their beloved German Shepherds, Piper and Zeb. Piper always had itchy skin and ears and Zeb had a sensitive tummy that seemed to reject every commercial pet food on the market. The advice of their vet, Richard Bleckman, was to stop feeding commercial pet food and cook them fresh food instead. Michael and Caroline took his advice and Piper stopped scratching and Zeb stopped getting an upset tummy. They also noticed that their coats improved and they no longer had bad breath.


    After finding out that certain commercial pet food was making their dogs ill, Michael and Caroline wanted to know more, and with the help of Richard, they started to learn why so many of them contribute to certain health issues in pets. They also kept their eyes and ears open for any new pet foods and treats that came onto the market that may have been suitable for their dogs.


    Slowly, new brands of pet food and treats were appearing in shops that were made with real meat and vegetables and none of the nasty ingredients that made Piper and Zeb ill. Michael and Caroline tried some of these new foods and treats on their dogs and they remained healthy. So now they only had to cook for their dogs once or twice a week and the rest of the time they had pet food made with real meat and vegetables.


    Michael was a dog behaviourist and clients were always asking him what he fed his dogs. When he noticed lots of pet owners were unhappy with how certain commercial pet foods were affecting their animals, he knew Caroline and him could help. From that point on Thoughtful Pets was born.


    Nowadays, Thoughtful Pets is looked after by Michael and Caroline’s once employee Sally Witney, and the company still upholds the same strong values that it was founded on; a place where dog and cat owners can buy high quality and healthy food and treats, and get independent advice on all their pets’ nutritional needs.