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  • Bottomless Bowl

    Our Bottomless Bowl subscription service is a handy feature that allows you to reorder your pet’s favourite products on a regular basis with minimal fuss.

    Plus, you’ll save 5% on every order!

    Here’s How It Works…

    1. Shop our online store as normal, adding whichever products you’d like into your basket.

    2. Once you’ve finished shopping, in your basket select how often you would like your items redelivered. You can pick and choose for each product and there are lots of options. We want this service to be as flexible as possible!

    3. Complete your order, and a 5% discount will be automatically applied.

    4. Sit back and relax, we’ll take it from here. We’ll pack and dispatch your order ASAP, and all of your future orders will be automatically generated and delivered to you based on how often you’ve requested them.

    We want this service to run as smoothly as possible, and we’re still working on adjusting things here and there.
    If you have any questions or feedback about our new Bottomless Bowl, drop us an email!