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    Tetra Paks - The Next Stage In Pet Food Packaging?

    Tetra Paks – The Next Stage In Pet Food Packaging?

    We talk a lot about the pet food industry’s impact on the environment, especially when it comes to packaging.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen more companies alter their products to make them more eco-friendly and recyclable.  Some examples include paper-based dry food packaging and the introduction of Tetra Pak packaging for wet […]

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    Happy New Year From The Thoughtful Pet Food Store

    A New Year’s Update

    It might be presumptuous, but we’d like to wish our customers and supporters a happy 2021! 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year for us, so we figured an update was in order so we can talk about what we’ve been through, as well as what we have planned for the future. COVID-19 […]

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    Our Eco-Friendly Ethos

    SHOP FOR CATS | SHOP FOR DOGS When The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was first created, our goal was to create a space where pet owners could look for different brands without having to worry about quality or ingredients. Over the years, this ethos has not changed, and we are probably even stricter about our […]

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    Breaking Down The Facts – Meat Quality & Digestibility

    We talk a lot about meat quality and digestibility here at The Thoughtful Pet Food store, but what exactly do we mean?  Protein is the staple component of all high-quality pet foods. It is one of the primary sources of energy for both dogs and cats (alongside fat) and is vital for growth, development, and […]

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    Our Top Scent Enrichments For Dogs & Cats

    Enrichment is an incredibly important aspect of animal ownership. By providing enrichment for our pets, we enable them to utilise their senses in new and interesting ways, encouraging positive behaviours and improving their overall welfare. Scent enrichment involves providing animals with stimulating smells, either to track and search or simply to stimulate the senses.  Scent […]

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    Our Thoughtful Diary – An Inside View Into Trade Shows

    February and March are pretty exciting months in the pet business world. In February we have the opportunity to attend PATS Sandown, one of the first big trade shows of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to meet up and network. In March, just shortly after PATS, it’s time for […]

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    After Surgery Care For Your Pet

    It’s never easy when your pet has to have surgery. Even in the safe hands of our vets, we can’t help but worry about our four-legged friends. However, once your pet is home there are various things you can do to help them recover. Always listen to your vet’s advice after surgery and if there […]

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    Our Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide

    Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner! To help make the festive season a little bit easier, we’ve put together our Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide. Read on to find out what our favourite Christmas products are, plus some hand-picked gift ideas for your furry friends. For Dogs Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar December […]

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    Scrumbles Product Review

    Product Review: Scrumbles

    Nothing catches our attention more than independent, family-run businesses just like ourselves, looking to bring something new and exciting to the pet food market. Scrumbles is one of those businesses, having created an exciting dry food for dogs and cats, and even more recently a revolutionary new wet food and a delicious range of treats. […]

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    Thoughtful Thursday – Our Five Favourite Summer Fruits

    For those of us that endured the latest heatwave, we can certainly say that summer is upon us. As well as the rise in temperature, summer brings with it a wide range of seasonal fruits, and many of these fruits have multiple health benefits for our furry friends. We’ve selected five of our favourite summer […]

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