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  • Fun Ideas For You And Your Pet

    Fun Ideas For You And Your Pet

    As pet owners, we all love spending quality time with our dogs and cats. However, it can sometimes be difficult to think of new activities and ways to engage with them. To help, we have put together some fun ideas for you and your very best friend. 

    With Spring fast approaching, it is time to put on those walking boots and enjoy some fresh air with your dog. Why not take the opportunity to discover new places, including dog-friendly pubs and cafes that you can stop at on your walk. The new sights and smells your dog encounters will be an excellent form of mental stimulation and combined this with the physical exertion of a long walk, your dog will be guaranteed to be a worn out dog by the end of the day!

    Exploring with your dog doesn’t have to be limited to one day. Dog-friendly holidays are becoming more popular as more and more owners take their four-legged friend with them on their holidays. If you are planning a getaway this year, why not consider dog-friendly accommodation rather than leaving your dog behind?

    Does the idea of running cross-country and getting pulled along by your dog seem appealing? Then why not consider trying out Canicross? Canicross (or CaniX) is a sport that has been growing in popularity in recent years and involves running a cross-country course harnessed to your dog, with your dog leading the way. Whether you are a social runner or prefer to go it alone, Canicross is an excellent way to increase both you and your dog’s fitness and is also a great way to bond with your dog, keeping your dog focussed and stimulated. Clubs and running groups can now be found across the UK, and if you are the competitive type then be sure to keep an eye out for organised races and events, where you can compete against other owners and their dogs.

    If running through the grass and mud on the weekend doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, there are other activities you can try with your dog. Fun agility is suitable for any breed. Agility with your dog not only helps to increase their focus and training, in fact, most dogs find the sport very enjoyable and an excellent form of mental and physical stimulation. There are many companies and dog trainers that now offer fun agility classes. If you are interested, inquire in your local area to see what is available.

    All dogs benefit from regular training, whether it is learning something new or reinforcing what’s already been learned. Training your dog can be a fun experience for both of you. Dogs learn and retain information much better when it is done in a positive and engaging way, with rewards based training. Just look at police and sniffer dogs and how excited they are when rewarded for their work with their favourite toy. 

    Try setting aside a few extra minutes a day to do some training with your dog. In doing this you will find that your dog may develop new skills, have better focus, and the bond between you may grow. Try including some fun commands in your training to liven things up. These don’t have to be commands that would be used in everyday life such as “sit”, but ones for fun such as “roll over” or “shake”. Remember to keep training sessions short and fun. If you or your dog start to become frustrated, finish the training on a good note and take a break.

    They say variety is the spice of life, and maybe it’s the same for our pets. If your dog loves their treats, try introducing some new brands and flavours to keep them interested. There are many high-quality brands available, including ones that have novel flavours such as venison, wild boar and bison.

    If your dog loves their food and treats a little too much, consider introducing the treats through interactive feeding toys. These toys ensure your dog consumes treats at a slower rate, encouraging your dog to work for the treat and provides important mental stimulation. There are a wide variety of toys and food bowls that can be used, some more challenging than others. Which will be suitable will depend on your dog’s problem-solving skills. Slowing your dog’s eating may also be beneficial to their health, especially if your dog is a breed that is susceptible to bloat. Interactive feeding toys aren’t just about slowing down the consumption of treats for greedy dogs and can be used to feed your dog’s meals. Many dogs will find these sorts of puzzles enriching and rewarding. An excellent example of a fun interactive toy for your dog is the Beco Bone.

    There are interactive feeders and toys for cats as well, so if you think your cat would enjoy one, why not give it a go? These are especially beneficial for indoor cats that require more mental stimulation, but any cat that is motivated by food can enjoy the benefits.

    There are interactive feeders and toys for cats as well, so if you think your cat would enjoy one, why not give it a go? These are especially beneficial for indoor cats that require more mental stimulation, but any cat that is motivated by food can enjoy the benefits.

    It’s not just your dog that should get to try new things with you. Cats can often be overlooked but the truth is that many cats thrive off of attention and playtime with their owners. The modern pet market is full of innovative products for cat owners, especially toys. Treat your cat to a selection of new toys, especially ones that you can use to interact with them such as Beco’s range of catnip toys, which includes characters such as Millie the Mouse and Freddie the Fish.

    Catnip toys are a firm favourite and can bring out the playful side in your cat, even if they are elderly. Wand toys, such as those made by Beco, are another excellent addition to your cat’s toy collection. These toys are excellent for playing with your cat as they require you to move it around and encourage the cat to “hunt” the toy at the end of the string. Finally, your cat may love being treated to a luxury cat scratcher, especially one with extra levels and compartments for them to hide and play in. If your cat is lucky enough to have one of these already, why not try hiding treats and new toys in it to encourage further exploration and fun?

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