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  • Green & Wilds Deer Antler Product Review

    Green & Wilds Deer Antler Product Review

    Here at The Thoughtful Pet Food Store, we are excited to announce the return of our deer antlers!

    There are many deer antler chews available on the market, however, we wanted to ensure we were stocking a brand of the highest possible quality and with the highest ethics and welfare standards. Discovering Green & Wilds Antler Dog Chews has provided us with the ideal product to bring to our four-legged customers.

    Why Do We Like These Antlers?

    Deer antlers can be obtained from different sources, and we found that some companies were sourcing antlers as by-products from the hunting and meat industries. Knowing that it is possible to source deer antlers without harming deer, we wanted to stock a brand that reflected this. Deer naturally shed their antlers seasonally, a process in which the old antlers fall off and are replaced with a new, larger set. These antlers can be found on the ground of the forests, woodlands, and other places within the UK and Europe where deer live. This is where Green & Wilds comes in.

    The antlers are collected, washed, and then cut into different sizes so there are chews available for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

    As well as being an excellent chew to help keep your dog’s teeth clean, deer antlers have other potential benefits. They are a natural source of glucosamine, and as a result, can promote joint health and help aid in treating conditions such as arthritis. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning if your dog has certain allergies or sensitivities, you may find a deer antler will still be suitable for them.

    Chewing promotes the production of endorphins in your dog’s brain, so chewing could, in fact, be considered a happy activity for your dog. It will also stimulate your dog’s brain and provide them with mental exercise and enrichment.

    If your dog needs encouragement to chew, there are some handy tips you can try at home with your dog’s deer antler.

    • Soak the antler in water or a dog-safe broth. This can soften is up slightly and may make it easier for your dog to chew.
    • Rub the antler in something that your dog likes, for example, their favourite wet food.
    • If they lose interest, swap it for something else for a few days. Dogs can get bored chewing the same thing every day and will appreciate changes in smell and texture.

    Green & Wilds Antler Dog Chews come in so many shapes and sizes, and being a natural chew every one is unique. To help you decide which size will be appropriate for your dog, we asked some of our canine friends and customers to model with their favourite antlers.

    If your pet is interested in modelling for The Thoughtful Pet Food Store contact us at info@thoughtfulpets.co.uk.

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