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  • Our Eco-Friendly Ethos

    Our Eco-Friendly Ethos


    When The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was first created, our goal was to create a space where pet owners could look for different brands without having to worry about quality or ingredients. Over the years, this ethos has not changed, and we are probably even stricter about our brands than we were back in 2014!

    Recently, we decided to have a long hard look at ourselves to see how things could change even more for the better. The pet food market is always changing and it is important to stay ahead of the curve, and for us, it is important to stick by our own morals and be confident in the service we provide.

    This is why we are so excited to announce the next stage in our little company’s evolution! Moving forward, our efforts will not only focus on the quality of our products but the environmental impact as well. These qualities are often interchangeable, with many high-quality brands having a keen focus on their environmental impact and vice versa.

    What’s Changing?

    Ultimately, nothing is truly changing. Please be assured that we are not going to discontinue any of our quality brands that don’t necessarily fit into our new eco-friendly ethos. This is due to two reasons.

    1) These are still companies that we have spent years building positive relationships with, and that we still believe create fantastic products. Also, many companies are changing their packaging or looking at alternative ways to produce their products!

    2) We have no desire to make things difficult for our existing customers. Suddenly removing brands from our website wouldn’t be fair to the dogs and cats that love their food or can only eat a particular brand for health reasons. Our customers will always come first!

    Moving forward, any new brands that we choose to welcome into our family will have to have an existing eco-friendly ethos. This will include features such as environmentally friendly packaging (no more dry food in non-recyclable plastic bags!), manufacturing products here in the UK, or using organic ingredients, just to name a few. Companies won’t have to tick every box, but they will have to fit at least some of our criteria.

    Our hope is that over time we will become known as a great place to find eco-friendly pet products and we will slowly include more and more fantastic brands on our website!

    What To Look Out For

    We have added some features to our website to help you find eco-friendly products more easily.

    The most noticeable feature can be found on our website’s top menu bar. When you hover over “Dog” or “Cats”, you’ll notice that we have added an “Eco-Friendly” category for your browsing pleasure! Clicking this will show you all of the products that fit into at least one of our eco-friendly criteria.

    When you’re browsing pet products anywhere on the site, you also have the option to filter the products based on each of the criteria. You can find this on the left side menu bar. You can also specifically look for foods containing MSC certified fish, and free-range chicken or turkey.

    We’ll be adding some more criteria over time, but for now please enjoy checking out some of our UK made, plastic-free, and recyclable brands!

    Our Criteria


    Sadly, there are still very few organic pet foods available in the UK market. However, the brands that we do have will be included here. They currently include brands such as Rockster and Edgard & Cooper. We hope to add more organic brands in the future as the market expands.

    Plastic Free

    This not only includes food in non-plastic packaging but also plastic-free toys and accessories. Environmentally friendly toys such as those made by Beco use other materials such as natural rubber or hemp, which have much less of an impact on the planet. Some dry foods are now packaged in paper-based bags as opposed to plastic, and wet food in metal tins are readily recycled across the country.


    There are many forms of plastic, and some are widely recyclable. Those are the sort of products you’ll find in this section of the website and include brands such as Scrumbles and Tribal who use a specific type of plastic for their bags of dry food. Tetra packs (such as those used by Beco) are also becoming popular for packaging wet food, and these plastic boxes are more environmentally friendly than metal tins and are recycled in most areas of the UK.

    UK Made

    Products made in the UK create fewer emissions, as they rely less on shipping and importing. Some people prefer to purchase these sorts of local brands, so we’ve made it easier for customers to find them through our website. Currently, we have some fantastic UK brands, such as Green & Wild’s deer antler chews which are sourced from Scotland, and Clydach’s dry food which is based in Wales and sources ingredients from across the UK.

    We hope everyone is as excited about our evolving ethos as we are, and as always we are happy to answer any questions or take any suggestions on how we can make ourselves better. Drop us an email at info@thoughtfulpets.co.uk!