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    How It All Began…

    The Thoughtful Pet Food Store has been on a long journey, starting back in 2014 under the care of Caroline & Michael and their dogs Zebedee and Piper. Both dogs seemed to suffer from various ailments such as bad breath, itchy skin, poor quality coats and upset tummies. On their vet’s advice, Caroline & Michael began home cooking food for their dogs and noticed an immediate improvement in their dogs’ condition.

    With a new-found understanding, Caroline & Michael delved further into the world of commercial pet food. They wanted to learn as much as they could about the impact certain foods and ingredients had on pet health, and more importantly what healthier alternatives were available.

    They began to discover new brands of pet food, all made of real high-quality ingredients that were suitable for their own pets. Many of these brands were small independent companies not readily available in major retailers and supermarkets.

    Caroline & Michael wanted to bring these brands to a wider audience and help pet owners much like themselves, thus The Thoughtful Pet Food Store was born.

    A New Chapter…

    The Thoughtful Pet Food Store is now cared for by Sally and her dogs Stella & Titch, and her cat Zebedee (what a coincidence!). Sally joined the company in 2015 as an assistant manager, drawn to its values and her keen interest in animal nutrition. With Caroline & Michael’s guidance, Sally was able to gain vital experience in the pet industry and later agreed to step up as a Managing Director of The Thoughtful Pet Food Store in 2017.

    Under Sally’s direction, the company has grown to include even more fantastic products and has helped even more pet owners find suitable products for their four-legged friends. There are always ideas for new products and ways to help our customers bouncing around the office, so who knows what the future will hold!

    Today, The Thoughtful Pet Food Store still upholds the strong values on which it was founded, a place where pet owners can find healthy and nutritious products along with helpful and unbiased advice.