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  • Our Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide

    Our Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide

    Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner! To help make the festive season a little bit easier, we’ve put together our Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide. Read on to find out what our favourite Christmas products are, plus some hand-picked gift ideas for your furry friends.

    For Dogs

    Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

    December wouldn’t be complete without an advent calendar, and this new product from Scrumbles is the perfect addition to an age-old tradition.

    Behind each door is either a delicious Calming Turkey Nibble or a crunchy Gnasher Mini Dental Bone. These treats are natural and healthy, so you can spoil your dog worry-free this Christmas.

    As an added bonus, for every calendar sold, a 50p donation goes directly to the All Dogs Matter charity.

    AiKiou Interactive Puzzle Feeder

    We’ve always had a soft spot for AiKiou’s innovative range of puzzle feeders.

    These feeders are versatile and challenging, and a great way to keep your dog busy on Christmas Day. Simply fill it up with your dog’s favourite kibble or treats and let them figure out the rest.

    Puzzle feeders can also be a fantastic bonding tool, especially if your dog needs a little bit of help to begin with. Family members can help them figure out parts of the puzzle, and you can even have the children involved (as long they are supervised by a dog-savvy adult).

    Beco Cuddly Christmas Giraffe Soft Toy

    In our household, no Christmas is complete without one of Beco’s Christmas themed soft toys. We’ve gifted one to our dog every year since we adopted her, and this year is the year of the giraffe!

    Eco-friendly and (in our opinion) completely adorable, these plush toys come in a variety of characters.

    Although double stitched to improve their durability, we wouldn’t recommend this toy if your dog can be destructive. However, Beco does have plenty of other, more durable, toys available.

    Nandi Karoo Ostrich Tendon Chews

    The go-to treat in our household at the moment, Nandi’s tendon chews have proven to be irresistible with both of our dogs.

    Ostrich is a delicious novel protein, and these chews are slow-dried to lock in flavour. Although they aren’t the largest chews on the market, they are tough and chewy, making them a perfect treat for a special occasion or as a distraction on a busy day.

    As well as being tasty and beneficial to your dog’s dental health, these chews are less than 2% fat (1.1% to be exact)!

    The Innocent Hound Christmas Treat Collection

    If you are looking for something really special and decadent for your dog this Christmas, look no further than The Innocent Hound.

    Inside each box of Christmas Treats, you’ll find two varieties of goodies; Turkey Triangles & Venison Bites. Each treat is grain-free and contains quality ingredients, including tasty additions such as whole cranberries and chopped apple.

    Feeling creative this Christmas? The Innocent Hound also have a grain-free Christmas Cake Mix, so you can make your furry friend their own Christmas treat!

    For Cats

    Scrumbles Cat Advent Calendar

    It’s not just the dogs who deserve an advent calendar this year! Scrumbles have also made this fabulous cat-friendly advent calendar, which includes air-dried Chicken Nibbles (with added slippery elm for hairball control), and baked Gnashers Dental Treats.

    The treats are healthy and functional, while also being highly palatable with good quality ingredients.

    As an added bonus, for every calendar sold, a 50p donation goes directly to the Wood Green animal charity.

    Edgard & Cooper For Cats Turkey & Shrimp

    We can’t speak for all cats, but we know that our own cat would love to steal a bit of our turkey dinner on Christmas Day!

    Edgard & Cooper provide the perfect solution for jealous cats by providing them with their own delicious Christmas meal. This pate cat food contains generous amounts of chicken, turkey and shrimp, as well as added turmeric to help keep your cat in tip-top shape.

    Remember, if turkey isn’t your cat’s favourite treat, Edgard & Cooper’s wet food comes in a variety of different flavours so you can find the perfect Christmas meal for your feline friend.

    Beco Christmas Fish Toy For Cats

    The eco-friendly equivalent to popular catnip toys, Beco’s range of cat toys are made from recycled plastic bottles (with added catnip of course!).

    Catnip is a natural and harmless stimulant that will help keep your cat entertained on Christmas Day. We’ve noticed that cats seem to react one of two ways to catnip; they either become playful and energetic, or sleepy and cuddly!

    Just like their dog counterparts, each Beco toy has a limited edition festive theme. With three characters available, which one will your cat choose?

    Thrive 100% Shrimp Cat Treats

    Thrive 100% Shrimp Cat Treats

    One of our most delicious and decadent cat products, Thrive’s range of treats are freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and taste.

    Each tube of these cat treats contains actual small shrimps, the perfect treat for a special occasion. If shrimp isn’t to your cat’s taste, other flavours available include whitefish, chicken, and tuna.

    WARNING: If you wrap up one of these to go under the Christmas tree, don’t be surprised if your cat takes it upon themselves to open it early!

    Catit Senses Food Maze

    Cats can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to enrichment and training aids. Not here at The Thoughtful Pet Food Store! We love enriching cat’s lives as much as dogs, and that’s why we love the Catit Senses Food Maze.

    The feeder encourages your cat to use their paws to push their food through various levels before reaching the bottom, therefore burning more energy and fat at dinner time while still providing your cat with a delicious reward.

    This puzzle feeder is a great Christmas present for the energetic cat in your life, or even for the slightly porky cat who needs a bit of a diet and exercise.

    We hope all of our customers and supporters have a fantastic festive season!

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