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  • Why Your Pet Deserves A Christmas Present

    Why Your Pet Deserves A Christmas Present

    Did you know that the majority of British dog and cat owners count their pet as a member of the family? It was recently reported that nine out of ten dog owners consider their dog as a ‘fully-fledged’ family member and a Cats Protection survey showed 91 per cent of cat owners feel exactly the same way. Here at The Thoughtful Pet Food Store, we could not agree more – we consider our pets as important members of our family.

    So why is it that so many of us consider our pets with the same level of regard as our next of kin? Research conducted by scientists in the US has shown that “dogs occupy a significant role in their owners’ hearts and lives”. Dogs and cats are more than pets to us, they are our friends and family. This is something our pets have an understanding of as well. A recent study into feline behaviour showed that cats are aware of peoples’ emotions, “particularly when displayed by their owner”, proving our cats relate to us just like anyone else. Our dogs are able to understand and express emotions such as jealousy, joy, and guilt. We have also discovered that their “brain centres for such states are virtually identical in human and dog” where 14 identical emotions can be found in the same part of the brain as in our canine friends. The benefits of dogs and cats to our physical and emotional wellbeing is also well documented.

    It’s clear from the research that our pets, both of the feline and canine variety, understand us more than some people may think! So it’s no surprise that we form such strong bonds with our pets and consider them as family members. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that many pet owners consider their pets to deserve a Christmas present.

    Here’s some of our favourite Christmas gifts for our own pets!

    And remember when your pet looks excited or interested in its gift on Christmas day, you can be certain of one thing, just like you, they will be experiencing a moment of joy!

    Wishing you and your pets a Happy Christmas with love from The Thoughtful Pet Food Store.